What is a Virtual Office?

What is a virtual office?

Many self employed professionals and & small business owners call us asking what is a virtual office Here is the answer Its when you work from home but want to pretend to clients that you don’t! It has lots of benefits, but that’s a good synopsis. It saves you a […]

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Who’s going to answer your phone?

Answering your phone

Spring-break or planning a Summer holiday? Who’s going to answer your phone? Apex Office Centers can save small businesses money and ease the stress when you are away from the company you created. Its easy and it will make you money while you are gone. Reports by Small Business Forums […]

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Running your own Office?

Running your own office?

How Can You Afford to Run Your Own Office? We at Apex Office Centers in Roseville, CA. offer Virtual Offices for small businesses. Especially for people who work from home…or who should work from home. We added some new furnished offices to our suite of rooms that have bane used […]

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