Moss and what it means

Moss in urban environments

Moss  in urban environments You may have noticed that Nevada City resides in an environment with a lot of moss. As it is a bioindicator and it seems to be thriving around here, then it would seem to indicate that our air quality is high. Moss and their partners, lichen, […]

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A breathalyzer for disease

Disease and Smell Did you know that many diseases give off a slight smell that can be detected? Syphilis is thought to have a characteristic odor and a rotting apples smell suggests Diabetes. Volatile organic compounds are given off, gases for instance, by living organisms, including diseases within you, and […]

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Interstellar Asteroid, not a Comet The first interstellar visitor known to man has come and gone. Which is quite a big deal. What this really means is that an object from outside our little happy group of planets and associated blobs, being our solar system, has had a visitor. It […]

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