Cities that will be flooded

November 4, 2017

Cities that will be flooded

If temperature rises by 3 degrees

Where do you live? Are you aware which cities will be flooded if temperatures rise by 3 degrees?

Scientists at Climate Central, a non profit company, has estimated that 275 million people live in an area that will be flooded if global temperatures rise by 3 degrees.

The waters would not rise immediately but the calculated rises will be ‘locked in’, meaning that they cannot be reversed even if it the 3 degrees is then reduced or slows down.

Miami in the USA would have 2.7 million people affected, but Asia would suffer the most with Osaka and Hong Kong having 5.2 and 8.4 million people affected.

This is based on an average of the projections from 1-5 degrees before the year 2100.

Few cities have as much to lose as Miami does, with every year bringing a new ‘King Tide’, that locals now accept as the new normal. This brings knee deep water cascading down all the central streets in downtown.

Florida’s largest metropolitan area would simps cease to exist with the projected 3 degree rise. To put a monetary number on it, just in Miami Date county alone there is $15bn of waterfront property at risk of flooding over the next 15 years.


Articles like this should be fact checked as some people don’t agree with the whole climate change argument. So I have included the methodology of the systems that Climate Central were using, courtesy of the Guardian newspaper. See the bottom of this article.

The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott is a climate change denier for instance, but even so the City of Miami hired a sea-rise expert Jane Gilbert last year to be the new Chief Resilience Officer with instructions to build a management plan to protect the city from future flooding.

Flood maps were created using sea-level rise estimates from Climate Central and digital elevation data. Population estimates refer to urban agglomerations which comprise the built-up area of a city and the suburbs linked with it. Maps include OpenStreetMap data.
Temperature projections are based on University of Washington emissions modellingand UN warming estimates. Trajectories have been updated to match latest temperatures as recorded by the Met Office Hadley Centre.

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~ by John Tomnay