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Company Reviews

Business Reviews-Apex Office Centers

Apex Office Centers has been offering its services locally and nation wide for over a decade.

During all these years we have had many business reviews and testimonials in many different sites, (Facebook, Yelp, G+, etc,etc), and word of mouth has been our main way to get new customers.

Celebrating the arrival of 2017 we want to give you the opportunity to write your own personal experience with our company. The idea is to keep increasing customer service satisfaction!

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We love honest reviews!!

Thank you.

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  • Juan Carlos Gomez

    Hi. I personally know the company’s owner and integrity is what leads his life. I highly recommend Apex Office Centers.

    • Thank you from John Tomnay and the Apex Office Centers’ Team.
      ~ John

  • I have used Apex services for many years, both the Virtual Office service, where I work from home and they answer my business calls and the office rental which i use by the house when i need to meet clients. By using their Virtual service I don’t miss potential business calls, which is what was happening!
    I get more business this way and that makes me more money. So, I cannot recommend them enough!

  • Michelle Katz

    Apex is a local company that offers services to those who work from home or those who want to use a virtual office network. I used their excellent live reception service. I also rented an office and conference room there. The team is very helpful and actually get to know your business needs, it is personable and customer oriented. Sherri is one of the live receptionists there and has been with the company for over 10 years, her knowledge and approach is professional, reliable, and comforting.

  • Dan Bayla

    We have been with Apex since 2012 after we had a terrible experience with a company that rhymes with Megus. We are very satisfied and feel that they are an integral part of our team. Keep up the good work!