Don’t miss business calls

Don’t miss business calls

Do you miss business calls…..because you’re working?

Many small business people do. Its par for the course. A call comes through but you are with a client or on a job and when you miss their call, instead of leaving a message the new prospect calls a competitor of yours.

We can answer your phone for you for a very small fee. We are Apex Office Centers in Roseville and even if you’re not in California, we can still answer your phone. Geography does not matter. Catching those prospective clients matter!

One of our new clients reckons she gained $5000 in business in the first month she used our service. She worked out that she received 15 more calls than she normally would have because we took down all the details she needed to get the business.

Think about that! What would that do to your life?

We have a full time Monday to Friday receptionist to answer your calls, pass on the call to wherever you are or take down the details you need if you are busy with clients.

We can also collect your mail. Arrange for you to meet with clients in our offices in Roseville. We can greet them and show them into your rented office for the hour. It will look as if you are much bigger business than you really are which gives a great impression.

Apex Office Centers really becomes your right hand. Its like having staff but without paying taxes and salaries and insurances…little nuisances like that.

Apex Office Centers is always expanding our virtual office and virtual office assistant services to truly provide 360 degree support to local professionals. We offer everything you need to establish a successful local business at prices that help you save money and leave you free to concentrate on your business

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~ The Apex Office Centers Team ~