Missing business?

March 17, 2017

Missing business?

Business Increase by 25%

Did you know?

That you miss out on 25% of new business when you don’t answer your phone?

Think about that. What would an increase of 25% of new business look like?

The Small Business Bureau announced this figure that could have a huge impact on how you deal with your phone answering habits.

Think how often you miss calls….when you are in meetings…on another call…dealing with a client…talking with staff….

25% of potential new customers don’t leave a message but move on the next number on Yelp or Google until they get someone who answers. This means you lost that business, and according to this new report, this happens 25% of the time.

We can help you with that problem. Apex Office Centers covers the Sacramento area and answering phones is our business!

We can catch those calls you would otherwise miss. Our professional receptionists can become your part time staff and can take your calls only when you need us to. We can get the right information from the
caller and pass it to you or schedule appointments for you.

Its called a Virtual Office and its what Apex Office Centers excels at.

We charge a small monthly fee that depends on what your volume would be. The lower the calls the lower the fee. The upside is that you gain a lot more business.

Apex Office Centers has been a family operation since 2002 and our clients make money by staying with us.

We offer:

  • Professional Receptionists
  • Suite Address
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Office Rental
  • Administration Services
  • A Virtual Professional Office if you work from home
  • Sacramento Area

Apex Office Centers takes the pain out of running your own office. No more long term leases. You work with us on a monthly basis.

Contact Apex now to see what plan we can offer your company.


~ The Apex Office Centers Team ~