Small Business Owner?

Small Business

Why Small Businesses Find Engaging Staff Hard Don’t take my word for it, but the U.S. Small Business Association tells us that the one of the costliest expenses for small business owners is opening their own office. You have to get office supplies, office furniture, staff, computers for the staff, lease printers, water coolers, it […]

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2017- Business Resolutions

2017-Business Resolutions

Keep Your Resolutions Remember when you started your business? The aims and ideals then seem a little different to the every day business drudgery you deal with now. Can you even recognize your business from what it was supposed to be? It was meant to be a vehicle for your lifestyle, to be your pension […]

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The Best Christmas Present

The Best Christmas Present by Apex Office Centers

Give yourself the best Christmas Present…a Virtual Office You would really be giving yourself peace of mind in a time when Peace on Earth may be too much to ask. Apex Office Centers can offer this. Firstly what is a Virtual Office/Executive Suite? It means you work from home and pretend to your clients that […]

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Company Reviews

Business Reviews-Apex Office Centers

Apex Office Centers has been offering its services locally and nation wide for over a decade. During all these years we have had many business reviews and testimonials in many different sites, (Facebook, Yelp, G+, etc,etc), and word of mouth has been our main way to get new customers. Celebrating the arrival of 2017 we […]

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Looking for Security? We all are.

Need a Small Office Space?

The Security of Executive Suites and Virtual Offices As a small business person we all experience similar emotions. Worry, stress, lack of security, elation occasionally then back to stress and worry. In today’s uncertain world its not easy making predictions on where your business will go. Its hard to make decisions that affect your bottom […]

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Business after Election

Election is over…let’s restructure your business Using Apex Office Centers!   It may be a time to re examine how you run your business. Reevaluate, consider other options. Look at how it may be done cheaper, more streamlined..outsource! Executive office suites are a popular way to go, you take on less responsibility, you get more […]

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