The Californian rental market

Flat for Rent but don’t dare do any cooking! An advert for a Amsterdam apartment comes with a surprising codicil,“The kitchen is fully equipped, except for a cooking plate. Cooking is explicitly not allowed in this apartment due to regulations.”. The Guardian gives the full story in their article. Another landlord stipulated that although cooking […]

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Unusual Holidays Ideas

Unusual Holiday Ideas-Scotland

Are you thinking in holidays? Europe? A wonderful article about original and free accommodation in Europe got me thinking about holidays that are a little bit different from the usual. This was the brainchild of a young architect in the 90’s who designed and built a holiday structure that sleeps 6, has minimal amenities but […]

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Donner Pass-Northern California

Cycling across Donner Pass Donner Pass (el. 7,056 ft (2,151 m)) is a mountain pass in the northern Sierra Nevada. I cycled down from the pass to Donner Lake at 5935ft, went around the lake and then back up to the pass. It was perfect weather, even chilly at 7.30am on the descent. The lake […]

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Vietnam. How much do you know?


Vietnam, a growth story Interesting observations about Vietnam Vietnam ranked second for sex ratio > at birth amongst Hot countries in 2013. Vietnam ranked first for population amongst Former French colonies in 2013. Vietnam ranked first for secondary education, duration > years amongst East Asia and Pacific in 2012. Vietnam ranked first for tax > […]

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California’s economy-2017

California Economy Bucking the Trend Whats your view on the economy? Do you know what is going on with California’s economy? Are you feeling the pinch and how is your company responding and reacting? Does it feel that there are too many regulations? The first article here from the Guardian Newspaper tells us that the […]

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