Small company owner?

Small company owner?

Small Company

If you are a small company….What do you really need an office for?

It sucks up a fair portion of your profits so what are it main uses? A place to gather and work, to store documents, to meet clients, so you don’t sit at home, to house all the computers and printers and faxes? But why don’t you just pay for these when you need them, let someone else look after all the office infrastructure and you just rent what you need, when you need to. If you have a small company it will save you so much money……

Apex Office Centers in Roseville, California, takes all the stress away from running an office, We rent you a space and take care of everything else. Its called a Virtual Office.

You can pay a monthly fee for an actual office or just pay by the hour when you use the space.
If you work form home you may think that you don’t need an outside space at all! The Business Reporting Unit (BRI) stated that people who worked form home are 25% less effective than those who leave the house to work.

The distractions are overwhelming. Its also physiological. To go somewhere to do something reinforces that you should be doing it. Try Virtual. We have been helping hundreds of businesses around Sacramento for over 18 years. We provide the office infrastructure and they get to keep their hard won profits.

We answer your phones, we take your calls, we book your clients in to see you, we schedule your calendar, we take your post, we call you when we think you have got a check!

Try our Services, try an executive suite.

Are you a Small Company? GO VIRTUAL with Apex Office Centers!

Get all the benefits of a full office for a fraction of the price! Contact us now!