The Massacre of Glencoe

The Massacre of Glencoe

The Massacre of Glencoe

Did you Know?

A quick synopsis of what happened is that 38 members of the Mac Donald clan were killed by their neighbors the Campbells in February 1692 in Glencoe in the Scottish highlands. Another 40 died of exposure after their homes were burnt.

It may have happened quite a while ago, but it still resonates. Some nations have long memories or hold a grudge for a long time, depending on whichever way you look at this.
Its also though because of a number of other factors.

Glencoe itself is an ominous spot. A dark brooding glen with overhanging mountains and a deep sense of foreboding. It just feels eerie. Its as if the massacre happened only yesterday. Its also though because the Campbells had been the guests of the MacDonalds and had been enjoying that hospitality for about 2 weeks before they turn on their hosts. This fact gives the proceedings a nasty taste that is difficult to forget.

The reasons for it all seem straightforward. The clans had to sign an oath of allegiance to King William but for many reasons the MacDonalds were slow to sign and were made an example of.
You could also say it was also a matter of lifestyle, with the more highland MacDonalds and their cattle rustling ways were an annoyance to the more southerly and urbane Campbells. The highlanders supported the Jacobite King and the southerners were closer to the English in politics and not just geographically.

An inquiry was held at the Scottish parliament and it was declared an act of murder. The Campbells were cursed and to this day the Clachaig Inn in Glencoe has a sign that say “No hawkers and no Campbells”.

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