Virtual Offices!

June 15, 2016

Virtual Offices!

Save Money with Apex Office Centers

Don’t just take our word about this subject, read this article from Fortune Magazine talking about how companies are saving money by going Virtual but also that employees are enjoying the benefits too.

What’s more, this trend is not going away. Virtual Offices like Apex Office Centers are blazing the trail. For the second year in a row, Flex Jobs have listed dozens of companies that operate mostly or completely virtually. Whether you call them virtual companies, distributed teams, telecommuters, or plain old people who work from home, the companies on this list are embracing the idea that company culture, effectiveness, and productivity can not only survive, but thrive outside a traditional office environment.

Last year, they found 26 great virtual companies to list, and this they have increased the list up with 50 MORE virtual companies, none of which were featured last year. Click here to find the entire list of 76 virtual companies.

What a lot of companies are finding is that they still need an occasional office to meet clients in and that’s where they need their Virtual Office Partner to provide office rental by the hour. This is exactly what Apex Office Centers does. We not only provide a Virtual Office infrastructure but we also give you the safety of a real office network when you need to re-enter the old world of desks and receptionists.

One department that benefits from meeting in person more often is the management level.  When meetings are held virtually, “The speed at which we can make decisions as leaders tends to be slower than if we were all in a room together and we can just make decisions.” They’re addressing that currently by tacking on in-person meetings when they gather monthly for board meetings.
This is an important point to grasp if you are considering the move to Virtual. Make sure you choose a partner that also has the office rental infrastructure to go alongside the virtual arm. This is exactly what makes Apex Office Centers stand out as the preferred partner for many companies in the Roseville California area.

We provide the Virtual ability and the nuts and bolts infrastructure too. Choose Apex.

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