Who’s going to answer your phone?

Who’s going to answer your phone?

Spring-break or planning a Summer holiday?

Who’s going to answer your phone?

Apex Office Centers can save small businesses money and ease the stress when you are away from the company you created. Its easy and it will make you money while you are gone.

Reports by Small Business Forums show that when you miss business calls, the potential client will not leave a message but go on to call the next number in Yelp or the Google list.

25% of the the time! You are missing out on this much business.
You can forward your number to Apex Office centers in Roseville, California, near Sacramento; and a professional receptionist will answer your phone and follow your instructions. Take their number or take a detailed message, or even book them into a meeting with you. We can handle whatever you want us to.

Most small business owners just mute their phones when in a meeting, but you are still losing business this way, the call needs answered by a talking human.

Just think what you do in the same situation?
Apex acts like an extra employee that you don’t pay benefits to. We charge a monthly fee, but you will make more money from using us than we will from you. And we are happy to do it. We have been a family firm for over 17 years and been serving some of the same clients for that entire time. Tried and trusted. Take a look to some recent reviews!

Besides answering your calls from Apex Office Centers you can get a “Virtual Office.”

Our Virtual Office plans are designed to fulfill your office space needs quickly, easily, and at the right price, while projecting the professional image you strive for.

Contact Apex Office Centers for a free quote. We love to answer your questions……