September 19, 2018

160 Mile Race Across Scotland

160 Mile Race Across Scotland

Edinburgh to Fort William

In late July my brother and I, and a few others, ran and biked across Scotland from Edinburgh to Fort William over 2 days. It had been amazing weather all summer, but was all set to change a few days before the race.

It rained as we gathered at the foot of the castle at 5am to run a half marathon out of Edinburgh and across the Forth Road Bridge with amazing views across the Firth of Fourth. We then picked up the bikes and cycled up the center of Scotland to Kinlochleven outside of Glen Coe. It continued to rain most of the way.

The last part of the race was a marathon from Kinlochleven to Fort William, that also included running up to the top of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Britain at 4,406 feet. Before we got there though, you have to run over 3 glens and a good few mountain ridges along the old Highland Way.

Ben Nevis is a pretty busy mountain as plenty of tourists make the ascent up the broad path and we had to apologize as we squeezed by them up and down, but they were very supportive as most seemed to be aware of the race, probably due to the race support teams standing at umpteen places making sure we all went through all the stations.

It was raining at the top, but there comes a point when you can’t get any wetter. The run down was faster, and the hope of a beer as the finish approached was a big motivation. We finished in about 17 hours and as you can see in the photo…it was raining.


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 by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers