2017- Business Resolutions

December 31, 2016

2017- Business Resolutions

Keep Your Resolutions

Remember when you started your business? The aims and ideals then seem a little different to the every day business drudgery you deal with now. Can you even recognize your business from what it was supposed to be? It was meant to be a vehicle for your lifestyle, to be your pension and to be fun, but also profitable!

Do you find yourself running around doing more work than ever before? Just keeping up with paying the bills. Take a moment to reconsider. Turn your business on its head and shake it up.

Talk to Apex Office Centers in Roseville to see what we can do to help you restructure your business to free it from your highest overheads. Jettison your office and all the bills that go along with that. Pare your business down to the bones and use the administration and Office staff at Apex Office Centers just outside Sacramento in California, to do the everyday work for you.

We answer your phone with your business name and either patch the call through to you or take a message. We can even take their particulars and book them into an appointment with you. We would automatically book you a room at the Apex Office Centers suite off Lead Hill Blvd in Roseville where your new client will be met by an Apex receptionist and shown to your room.

How different is that…and how much cheaper!

Our rates are the most competitive in the Virtual Office and Executive Suite space. We can build a personal plan around your needs and not fit you into a cookie cutter that suits us. We can start you off on a monthly plan and not strap you into a years contract, this way you can check that the shift is working before you fully commit.

Get you business back, keep your resolve.

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~ The Apex Office Centers Team ~