Apex appeals to Lawyers

Lawyers bring their small law firms to Apex Office Centers The serviced office market, also called Executive Office Suites, is a competitive arena. Apex Office Centers has been standing out by concentrating on the quality end of the market. We have attracted over a half dozen new law firms over […]

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Who loves Trails?

Windsor Trail-New Mexico Trails

I am in Santa Fe exploring the trail systems around here and they can be outstanding. The Winsor trail is one of the best stretching from its trailhead in Tesuque all the way into the Pecos wilderness. Its about 9-10 miles depending on where you finish off which is great […]

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Cities that will be flooded

If temperature rises by 3 degrees Where do you live? Are you aware which cities will be flooded if temperatures rise by 3 degrees? Scientists at Climate Central, a non profit company, has estimated that 275 million people live in an area that will be flooded if global temperatures rise […]

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