A Virtual Office?

February 9, 2018

A Virtual Office?

Virtual Offices…what are they?

Well, Apex Office Centers is one, but not everyone understands what that really means. Some people have a rough idea of what it means, but they don’t quite get the scale of what a company like Apex Office Centers can do for you.

So let me first give you a quick synopsis. Virtual offices are for people who work from home and want to pretend that don’t! It gives an illusion that you are an actually larger kind of company than you are and it gives a fair dose of respectability, quite a lot more than an image of someone sitting around in their pajamas!

So now you have a rough understanding of what it is and a lot of people don’t go beyond that simple scenario, but lets dig deeper. Imagine you are a lawyer who hates working in a big firm and decides to go it alone. You can’t afford your own office yet or a secretary, so you come to talk to us at Apex Office Centers. We answer the phone for you by saying your company name and patching the call through to you at your home.

When you have an appointment you call us and we rent you one of our prepared executive offices at our center in Roseville. When your client arrives they are met by a receptionist who takes them through to your office and announces them. All very professional so far?

We also can take in your mail. We can forward it to you, or even open it and scan it and send it to you when you are on holiday in the Bahamas and are awaiting that important client document. You don’t have a secretary but Apex Office Centers gives you the feeling that you do.

We can even schedule appointments for you. When you’re busy in a meeting and a new client calls, we can book them into your diary. You may have lost that new potential client when they got your VM by calling the next name on their Google list, but because Apex Office Centers has your back, the client is booked in. All done with out any staff.

That’s what a Virtual Office can do for you, and thats exactly what apex Office Centers does.

Apex Office Centers, relax we have it covered.

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~ by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers