An eccentric tea shop & Apex

September 20, 2019

An eccentric tea shop & Apex

Tea Room

St. James Tearoom

The St. James Tearoom in Albuquerque sprang up in 1999 out of the recognition of the primal need in today’s society: the need to escape the “Tyranny of the Urgent” of our modern day frenetic pace of life, to escape from the “parched landscape of fluorescent lighting and chain- restaurant sameness”.

 But its not just a tea shop but also a great experience. The staff are mostly young people, but what characters, very engaging and fun. This tearoom gets you to suspend life and jump into a bit of whimsy.

 The themes of the tea shop and the food served changes from An Alice in Wonderland direction to Doctor Who or Harry Potter.

 There is an interactional part to it all, as people leave notes to the future guests and put them in the drawers of the furniture in the petite private dining rooms.

 Out of the about fifty that I read I noticed that a half dozen had thanked god for being there. I decided to thank their god for making me an atheist and left a note to that end for my rooms future guests reading pleasure.

 When I tell people that I run a company called Apex Office Centers and we answer the telephone for people who work from home, they often say that they did not know that that kind of thing still existed.

 Like the old tea shop, Apex Office Centers serves an intrinsic need.

Practical and deep down necessary. We bring a modern twist to the old telephony though, offering a Virtual Office with new bells and whistles.

 We offer a Suite address, professional receptionists, office room rental by the hour, mail collection and forwarding. The ability to have an office with out having to pay for one. We offer a monthly fee that starts at $79. There is a lot more than that too though…best call us to find out.

Ask for John or Sherri at 916-677-4200.


by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers