Apex appeals to Lawyers

October 4, 2019

Apex appeals to Lawyers

Lawyers bring their small law firms to Apex Office Centers

The serviced office market, also called Executive Office Suites, is a competitive arena.

What is “The Perfect Virtual Law Office Address?”

Apex Office Centers has been standing out by concentrating on the quality end of the market. We have attracted over a half dozen new law firms over the past number of months drawn by the look of our office space, the reviews from present clients and the fact that our internet works.

A lot of executives tell me they are not looking for much, just a partner that does what they say they will do, a clean classy office and that the internet works…..usually a big complaint from previous companies that they have used.

We offer a Serviced Office, Executive Suites and a Virtual Office. There are lots of names to describe what we do , but what we really do is help you cut costs. We rent you the office infrastructure you need and we can also adapt to how you’re growing.

Entrepreneurial executives and small business people  are finding the cost savings from using services that Apex Office Center offers, too much of a pull to ignore. Its not just Lawyers that see the appeal, but Accountants, Realtors, Tech Service companies, Financial Service Providers and many more.

We give a Suite address, we provide receptionists that can answer your phone and book appointments, we collect and forward mail, we rent you an office but only when you need one and there’s a conference room too.

Consider what you are paying now for your office needs and come and compare what we could do for you. We have been operating in this local area for over 17 years and some Clients have been with us for that entire time. We have a track record, we have the experience and we have the offices, come and see them!

Apex Office Centers, call for a quote, 916-677-4200


by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers