Apex Office Centers does Jigsaw Puzzles

August 13, 2020

Apex Office Centers does Jigsaw Puzzles

Apex Office Centers does Jigsaw Puzzles

Pandemic causes a rush

As people practice social distancing at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many have picked up new hobbies like tie-dyeing, baking banana bread and learning TikTok dances. Another increasingly popular pastime: doing jigsaw puzzles.

Puzzle manufacturers have reported soaring sales and even shortages. It turns out there are psychological reasons for the mania right now.

Our primitive lizard brains are on overdrive in quarantine. We know on a cellular level that there is a threat to our survival, as both individual humans and a species, so we are stuck in a fight-flight-freeze cycle where our brains cant figure out which one will keep us alive,psychotherapist Jenny Maenpaa told HuffPost.

While COVID-19 is associated with a lack of control and an unknown end, puzzles offer the opposite,said Michael Vilensky, a psychologist at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center. “With a puzzle, with enough time and effort, we can control the outcome, know it will end, and experience a sense of relief and accomplishment when its finished.

Here at Apex Office Centers, we understand CONTROL! Its what we offer to small business owners. We offer you more control over your business, even when you are not around to pick up the phone. We do it for you. We are a phone answering service and a Virtual Office.

We tailor make our process to suit the kind of company you have. Our receptionists in effect catch all those calls that you miss, we get the details you need and pass that information on to you, so you can translate that call into some new business. Its like having an extra staff member, without having to pay another salary!

We take a monthly fee, but our plans start out at $79 per month. Compare that to the cost of a salary!

At that price it must be worth looking into. Think about that price….if we just catch one call for you per month that translates into some new business then that would pay for itself.

“At Apex Office Centers though we catch all the calls that you miss…..every week….every month. Our clients don’t look on us as a cost center but as a profit center…. we make them money.”

Having a professional receptionist to answer your business calls makes a great impression on clients too. Call us today to find out more.

Call 916-677-4200. Ask for Sherri or John.

by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers