Apex Office Centers & Metamorphoses

June 26, 2020

Apex Office Centers & Metamorphoses

A process of metamorphoses

Caterpillars, Butterflies and Apex Office Centers.

If you feel like your house, your yard even your whole town is being overrun with caterpillars this year, youre not alone. Many parts of the country are seeing explosions in the fuzzy, striped critters known as forest tent caterpillars. Why are the creepy crawlies suddenly everywhere, and are these infestations another sign of climate change?

Apparently not, and theres no need to worry, just the cycle of life. They can go through periods of scarcity and then they can also explode like they are this year. Your own Apex Office Center guy was on a trail recently where the whole ground was a carpet of the critters and they were falling out of the sky on to me, from the trees above. So this got me to thinking about change and the metamorphic process.

Many small businesses recently have had to flirt with change just to survive, including Apex. Necessary change, in order to keep resignation from our repertoire.

So more than ever, all small businesses need to grab a potential new customer by both hands and that’s what Apex Office Centers telephone answer service does for you!

We have professional receptionists that answer your calls and patch the good ones though to you or take a message if you are on the line, so that you don’t miss a potential business call.

Some companies can see their new business calls increase by 25% using this service.

Think about it….when you call a business and they don’t answer, you just move on the next number on your Goggle list, right? So thats what people do when they call your company and they get a voice mail. You have just missed that potential business to a competitor.

Our rates start from $79 per month. Its worth checking out.

Call Sherri or John at 916-677-4200.

by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers