Apex Answering Service to the Rescue

August 19, 2016

Apex Answering Service to the Rescue

So You Can Relax

Taking a vacation during these hot summer months but worried about your phone ringing off the hook? At Apex Office Centers, we understand the concerns of taking time away from work. Many times business owners choose to work while on vacation, taking them away from needed relaxation and family. In fact, trying to work while on vacation can be even more stressful than choosing not to take a vacation at all! Fear of work being missed, work piling up, and important calls being unattended leave many business owners to skip vacation days to avoid more stress when they return. When you team up with Apex for your answering service, we can help alleviate the need for you to constantly babysit your phone.

Americans take less vacation days than the rest of the world respectively. Fortune weighed in on the lack of vacation time saying, “Anyone who has ever come back from the beach to an overloaded inbox can attest that it is the opposite of relaxing. ‘The fact is, the work still has to get done,’ notes Creative Group executive director Diane Domeyer. ‘For many people, just the thought of being out of the office can be stressful, because they worry about the amount of work that will pile up while they are away.'”

This is where Apex comes in. Our professional and personable answering service will take those calls for you. So when a client calls, you can be sure someone is answering their call instead of a repeating voicemail. Additionally, we can offer them information about when you plan to return, provide business hours, and other information that may be needed to assist them in your absence.

So if you are in need of a more relaxing vacation, contact Apex today to see how we can help your business needs!

Or call us directly for a quote @916-677-4200.

~ The Apex Office Centers Team ~