Appointment Scheduling

September 24, 2016

Appointment Scheduling

Why appointment scheduling by Apex Office Centers?

One of the most unique things about Apex Office Centers is that we offer appointment scheduling. Typically, other virtual office service providers who offer reception services, do not offer the added personal service of appointment scheduling. On any given business day, Apex schedules appointments for clients personally. This includes having a personal knowledge individually with clients of their availability. Additionally, because Apex works on such a personal basis with our clients, we have the ability to send confirmations or reminders about appointments. So you will never miss appointments or opportunities again!

Our online appointment scheduling system gives you a better grasp of your schedule on a day to day basis. We offer an online calendar personally customized for your business needs. So even though you will have more flexibility with your time with our receptionists, you can maintain control of your schedule.

Another added service when you use Apex is a customized alert system. We can text or email you within a timeframe that works for you. Whether you want same day notice or a week advanced notice, Apex is here to help you organize your appointments to your needs.

A long time client of Apex offered praise for our personal services stating, “They tailor their service to you. They are much more than an answering service and mail drop. They are your receptionist and presence in Roseville. Apex is simply great and the cost is incredibly reasonable! I endorse use of their services without qualification.”

If you’re looking for a virtual office service with professional and personal service, you simply cannot beat Apex Office Centers.

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