Are you a Self Employed Professional?

Are you a Self Employed Professional?

Self Employed Professionals…this is how businesses can work together

At Apex Office Centers, here in the Sacramento area, we help small business people run a tighter and more professional company. Here is a real life example of a business we helped this month, so that you understand what we do.

Josh runs his own one man company as an IT/Computer system Mr Fixit. He would be out in the field fixing a clients problem on site and the phone would keep going with other clients with different issues. If he kept answering these calls his present client would get annoyed that he was not concentrating…and anyway, it would interrupt his work. So he would ignore the calls until he finished but by then he had 4 other pissed off clients.

He hired Apex Office Centers on a months trail to answer his calls and fill out a work ticket for each issue and email it to him. Each client that called got answered promptly and knew they were being looked after, so they relaxed. Josh got to see which jobs were urgent and dealt with them all in a manner that did not stress him out.

After 2 weeks he hired us on an ongoing monthly basis. He could see this was working for everybody. His clients were happy and did not complain like they used to. He was managing his work load better and it was going much smoother than it used to, so he could see he could handle more call outs this way and therefore make more money.

Apex Office Centers were pleased as we had gained a new client, more income and we can again see how our model really works for the Self Employed Professionals in this community.

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