May 18, 2018

Beaches of New South Wales

New South Wales is a southeastern Australian state

Australia has so many beaches that if you were to visit one a day, it would take 27 years. Arguably NSW has some of the best, the most famous being Bondi in Sydney. With 1300 miles of coastline, there is a lot to choose from.

As Australia only has 23 million people, it has the lowest population density in the world. Although only 10% of the land is inhabited, 85% of Australians live within 30 miles of the beach. It is such a huge country thought that all the beaches I saw on my trip to NSW had no one on them, they were pristine, man free and building free.

Coming from California where it seems the entire coastline has been bought up, this was a revelation. I walked along on Sawtell Beach, Hungry Head and fished from a beach with no name, but I know I caught 2 fish.  

I never made it to the main beach on Byron Bay which is known for its surfing and laid back lifestyle, nor did I see the whitest sand in the world on Hyams beach in Jervis bay, but there is always another day.

I did make it to Bellingen, a small but famous little enclave with only 3000 inhabitants on some remarkably verdant countryside. Its a rainforest with Eucalyptus trees with both mountains and beaches close by. Places close by have great names like the Promised Land and Never Never Creek.

I cycled up the escarpment of the Great Dividing Range to Dorrigo where the view was spectacular, a diverse forest stretching for ever north and south and to the Pacific Ocean in the east. I had borrowed a bike to get there and on the descent discovered the brakes did not work properly, which called for some innovation to stay alive. It all just added to the vivacity of the place.

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by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers