June 6, 2018

Building a New Trail in Nevada County

Building a New Trail in Nevada County

California State, Nevada County

Recently I joined the volunteer group of the Bear Yuba Land Trust and it’s so enjoyable and worthwhile that I wanted to let people know more about it.

We are building an entirely new trail called the Wolf Creek Trail in Grass Valley, that will eventually join up with existing trails to further expand the network.

Its physical work and at times it can be demanding, but you are part of a team that shares the work and provides all the tools and expertise that you need. Tools that are totally new to me, like the McLeod and the Pulaski, firefighter tools that are just as useful to us, as we use them to perform a lot of the same tasks.

Using pretty much just these 2 tools, you can build new virgin trails through the forest and underbrush, which gives a simple but very fulfilling sense of accomplishment.

Bear Yuba Land Trust has built and maintains over 35 miles of local trails for locals and visitors alike and as their website says:

“Trails are important to the local economy. Studies show that home values increase when a trail is nearby. For many, nearby recreation opportunities are a determining factor when considering relocating to an area. Quality trails also play an important role in the region’s tourism industry with hiking and biking opportunities known to attract visitors, again and again.”

All of this does cost the tax payer a penny, its all volunteers and donations of money and land thats provided by you and me. Again, this is from their website:

“BYLT trails are built with volunteer labor and donations. No tax dollars are used. Bear Yuba Land Trust works with willing private land owners to procure trail easements. One third of trails are built on private land, where the landowner has donated a trail easement that BYLT holds for public access.”


As this work is done doing the work day, I luckily was using Apex Office Centers to answer my business phone so that I kept in touch with my clients and any new business that may make inquiries. You could try that too. Call them on 916-677-4200.


by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers