Business mail at home?

May 5, 2017

Business mail at home?

MAIL and mind your own business!

Does your business mail go to your home address?
Do you know how much of an impact that has on how you are are viewed professionally? By potential clients and by Google search engines!
– Even using a PO box does not overcome the most egregious negatives.

At Apex Office Centers we give you a Suite address. That’s you covered. Problems over.

Apex Office Centers may be based in the Roseville and Sacramento area of Northern California, but we can forward your mail to wherever you are in the world. In fact, we work with people living in different countries….

  • Apex Office centers are offering a special Mail only package for the next month at $49 per month. You can have us answer your telephone too, for just a little extra.
    – We offer a package of problem solvers to small businesses and people who work from home. We can look after your business while you are on vacation so that the lights are always on and your calls always get answered by our professional receptionists.

At Apex Office Centers we also rent out Executive Offices for when you need to meet clients face to face. We can rent these by the hour. Your clients are met by a receptionist and taken in to meet you in your private office which can have your name on the door. Its a step up from meeting at the coffee shop especially when there are confidential details to discuss.

Apex Office Centers have been operating for over 17 years serving the community and some of our clients have been with us that long. Which goes a little way to explain our longevity. We are a family owned local company and our clients tend to fit that criteria too and they appreciate the local knowledge and lack of bureaucracy and corporate rules that can happen with he multi national companies that have similar offerings to ours.

Contact Apex Office Centers to have all your questions answered! Don’t delay! Call us today!!