California’s economy-2017

June 23, 2017

California’s economy-2017

California Economy Bucking the Trend

  • Whats your view on the economy?
  • Do you know what is going on with California’s economy?
  • Are you feeling the pinch and how is your company responding and reacting?
  • Does it feel that there are too many regulations?

The first article here from the Guardian Newspaper tells us that the US economy as a whole had the the slowest quarter for 3 years, which is not good news.

This second article however, from Bloomberg, concentrates on the California economy in particular and it is bucking this trend and performing well.

California has 39 million people and contributes a seventh of the whole GDP of the USA at $2.3 trillion and its even competing with the UK for the spot to be the 5th biggest economy in the world. California seems to be performing better than any other developed country in the world, being only behind China, which though is still not viewed as a developed economy.

It also is doing this in the face of increasing regulations within California, which also bucks the trend of current logic. Many business leaders will argue that deregulation will be a boon for the economy and creates growth, but California is doing the opposite and performing well. It also highlights that the majority of the biggest companies in the USA are based in California and many are domiciled here raising the point of why they would do that if regulations are damaging.

There’s no fast answers for all of this but the questions the articles raises are worth thinking about in how they affect you and your company.

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