Who Wants A FREE Office?

Did you know that some companies can spend up to 25% of their gross income on their office and office expenses! That’s a huge amount…mostly being thrown away. Typically according to this article small companies can spend 10%-20% of gross just on the rent alone. We at Apex Office Centers in […]

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Will a Serviced Office Save My Business Money?

First of all what is a serviced office? The official definition is office space that is ‘ready to go’. So that means its furnished and fully fitted out to either a single company or multiple organizations. The building is ran and maintained for you as you do not get involved. […]

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Would a Virtual Office Be Your Answer To Saving Costs?

The best Virtual Office in California Here at Apex Office Centers in the Sacramento area we answer the telephone for people who work from home. This way you sound more professional…you sound like a bigger company…you don’t miss calls when you are in meetings, so you don’t miss out on […]

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