The Benefits Of a Serviced Office

Serviced Office

Why a Serviced Office?  Serviced Offices and Visual Offices and interchangeable and Apex Office Centers in California fits the bill for both. If you are a small one man company working from home, then consider all these points mentioned in this article: The Transition Made Easier Changing from a home […]

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Do you Miss Potential Business Calls?

Missing Business Calls?

Apex Office Centers in Roseville in Northern California offers a telephone answering service, so we may be biased when answering the question above, but don’t take it from us, listen to this CEO of an online media and marketing company, this is what she said: “….I did an informal study […]

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Electricity Outage in CA?

Electricity Outage in CA

Come to Apex Office Centers! Californians suffered a multi day electrical outage last week and many lessons were learned on how to prepare for the next ones that seem more and more likely. Personally I did not really think it was going to happen to I prepared nothing and that […]

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Apex appeals to Lawyers

Lawyers bring their small law firms to Apex Office Centers The serviced office market, also called Executive Office Suites, is a competitive arena. What is “The Perfect Virtual Law Office Address?” Apex Office Centers has been standing out by concentrating on the quality end of the market. We have attracted […]

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How Are Virtual Offices Better?

How are Virtual Offices better?

The full idea of a virtual office Why are they better? Well, firstly they save small businesses money! Apex Office Centers is one, but not everyone understands what a Virtual Office really means. Some people have a rough idea, but they don’t quite get the scale of what a company […]

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Life Expectancy Drops in USA for third year


Stresses of Life “As Lenny Bernstein notes for The Washington Post, the three-year drop represents the longest sustained decline in expected lifespan since the tumultuous period of 1915 to 1918. Then, the decrease could be at least partially attributed to World War I and the devastating 1918 influenza pandemic. Now, the […]

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