Chile adds 10 million acres of national parks

February 2, 2018

Chile adds 10 million acres of national parks

Chile adds 10 million acres of national parks

How much do you know about National Parks?

While the USA is reducing the size of its Utah national parks by 2 million acres, so as to allow development, Chile is increasing theirs.

It was signed into law this week and the 5 new parks will now make a 17 park route that stretches down the spine of the country. The former executive of Patagonia, McDivitt Tompkins, handed over 1 million acres to help create the parks and the Chilean government provided the rest in federally controlled land.

Last month, the President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, completed a 5 year negotiation with residents from Easter Island to create the worlds largest Marine Protection Zone.

“President Bachelet is leaving behind a bold legacy of environmental protection,” said Maximiliano Bello, an advisor to the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy program.

This is all the more remarkable since Chile is still a developing country. It has not been without its controversy as the Tompkinses were at first criticized when they bought the land. They removed 25000 sheep and hundreds of miles of fencing but then retrained all the ranch workers that had been displaced as conservationists. Relations then improved further when the land was handed over.

Opposition still persists from the Chilean salmon farming industry which wants more regulations. They too are not without criticism though as they were blamed for an algal bloom that carried toxins across hundreds of miles of coastline and for causing a health emergency.

The new parks are being touted as having huge ecotourism potential for their stunning beauty, fjords, rivers, mountains and coastal volcanoes.

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