May 8, 2020

Climb Santa Fe Baldy 12,600ft


Apex Office Center climbs through the lockdown

The hike up Santa Fe Baldy passes through several high alpine biomes, which are especially delightful in the fall when the Aspens change colors. Summit Santa Fe’s highest peak (~12,600). Spectacular 360 views of the Pecos Wilderness, the Jemez Mountains, and the colorful Rio Grande valley. 14 miles roundtrip (out-and-back). 2322 foot elevation gain. Named after its distinctive bald pate.

Starting at an elevation of 10,000 feet at the Santa Fe Ski Basin, a right turn at the Winsor trail starts a steep climb for .5 miles until the wilderness boundary gate. From there, the trail descends slightly, taking a path along the ridge through mossy pines and emerald stones. A mile later, you find yourself amid the regal Aspens with views of Baldy towering above. After two stream crossings, you walk for four miles before the real strenuous work begins above the treeline. Take a break to breathe and enjoy the spectacular views of Deception Peak when you reach the saddle, a flat open area before the rocky steep section starts. It’s another 40-60 minutes to the top depending on your fitness level. Walk all the way to the end and enjoy lunch looking over the elegant Lake Katherine.

When we are not doing that we run a Virtual Office Center. We answer the telephone for small business owners that work from home. A professional receptionist takes the call and answers with your business name, patches it through to you or takes a message if you are busy with a client or on the phone. So by using Apex Office Centers you never miss a call again. Your company can use our Suite address in Sacramento California, your mail will be delivered and we forward it to anywhere you want, we can scan it to you, or just come in to pick it up. We also offer an actual office to you, whenever you want one, by the hour, day or whatever. That way you can meet clients face to face where our receptionist greets them and show them to your room which has your name on it!

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by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers