Daylight Savings is Daylight Robbery

March 13, 2019

Daylight Savings is Daylight Robbery


The negative side to the hour change

 Last Sunday morning the clock sprung forward at 1.59am and became 3.00 am. Although it was started in order to save energy it actually uses more electricity once DST gets going.

 Obviously it affects peoples circadian rhythm and it has been shown that most people end up losing 40-50 minutes sleep over those first few days. This is from a study by the Michigan State University.

That may be less than say traveling across the Atlantic but the whole affect is similar to the jet lag we experience when going across time zones.

 Amongst other studies showing the negative side to DST, this one from Open Heart in 2014, nails it by showing that 24% more people have heart attacks on the Monday following DST than on any other Monday throughout the year. Fortunately it does have an opposite side too, as the study also shows that there is a 21% decrease in heart attacks the Tuesday after DST ends.

 Just to pour more oil on this point, a study by Austin Smith, an asst. professor of economics at Miami University did a paper in 2014 showing a relationship between DST and fatal car crashes and reported a 6.3% increase on the six days following the spring time change.

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by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Center