Executive Office-Does it just save you rental?

Executive Office-Does it just save you rental?

Its not just Apex that’s talking about Executive Office Suites

Check out this article from Forbes.

The smart money is working virtually and saving a packet!

We have talked often before about how effective this is for the small business owner and the ins and outs of how it works, but what else can it do for you?

Having a receptionist answering your phone instead of you gives you a certain cache, its adds class to your business. Think about it and I am sure you will agree.

Executive Suites like Apex not only answer the phone, but we can also take messages for you, and more. Imagine how much business you miss when you are with clients. We can cover that missing business for you, get their number, take their query and even book them into an appointment to see you. Just think of that…that’s like having staff. But you don’t pay a salary!

We, at Apex Office Centers, can handle Office Room rental by the hour, the day, the month or whichever way you want it. You can rent a room for a few months or just go Virtual. We take all you calls and pass on the information. We take in your mail, your Fed Ex deliveries, take messages, catch those important calls that you would otherwise miss, schedule your appointments and even do your administration for you.

We can be that Girl Friday when you need an extra set of hands.
Meanwhile you can be working from home and taking advantage of all that extra time you have without commuting. There are so many advantages you are missing out on and whats more…your competition may not be missing out on it. They could be saving the overheads that your losing and that what gives them the advantage over you, that business edge.

It could be the difference of what makes or breaks your strategy. Give it a thought and call us to talk it through.

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“Try it the Apex Way. Virtual office suites and executive offices”