Executive Offices and Fun

February 15, 2019

Executive Offices and Fun

Executive Offices allow you to have a social life

Apex Virtual Offices

 Our clients have time to relax. We free up a lot of time.

Apex can become an extra pair of hands that you just use when you need them. We answer the telephone for you when you are with clients. That way you don’t miss out on any new business. Our professional telephonists give a good impression in representing your company.

If you are a small one man band then it can really help to have clients know that there is someone else there. Just imagine, Apex can answer the phone when you go on vacation so your clients don’t worry that there is no one there to support them. It gives a certain kudos with out you having to pay for a new staff member. Apex is like having another employee but without the overheads.

Our plans start at $159 a month depending on what you need us for. We can design these plans to fit in with your needs. Tell us where you need help and we can do that for you.

Some of our clients have been with us for over 15 years, so that speaks volumes about the ongoing service that Apex Office centers gives to its clients.

We also offer a mail only service. This comes in at $79 per month. We give you a suite address, bring in your mail every day, notify you when you are waiting for that special envelope or check and can also forward the mail to anywhere in the world.

You want to work hard to make your business successful, but you also want to have a healthy life outside of work and we can bridge that gap for you.


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