Fake News and Melania Trump

October 20, 2017

Fake News and Melania Trump

How easy it is to make up?

How much do you know about Melania Trump?

‘Melania Trump is being played by a body double. Recently, when seen in public, Melania has not spoken and is always behind her dark glasses.

In certain circles it’s being whispered that she really left Donald weeks ago and is now being played by a body double.’

This is a paraphrase of the tripe written by Marina Hyde of the Guardian last Friday13th of October in a sarcastic and humorous Tweet. Marina writes a column called Lost in Showbiz which makes fun of celebrities by writing in a glowing, breathy, fawning style allowing you to feel clever by reading between the lines.

Anyone who knows Marina’s work knows not to take what she writes seriously. Plenty of press, who should have known better, decided to run with it.

This article by USA Today is a good example of what was being copied. CNN, Newsweek, Snopes, NY Post are a few of the others.

Melania TrumpThey even wrongly attributed the source as from Joe Vargas rather than Ms. Hyde, and are also running with it as truth rather than as a joke, the spirit of which it was first meant.

Lost in Showbiz in the Guardian this Thursday 19th, Marina really revels that her parallel fake news universe nonsense took off, when it was not even meant to. She gets to write a column on her own invention, and sums it up well:
“In business terms, I have vertically integrated, and now control my own
supply line of facetious bullshit, about which some more facetious bullshit
can be written in due course.”

The press in under threat all across the world. The Maltese journalist killed yesterday, Russia’s crack down, Turkey, India, Aljazeera, The BBC and even CNN by the American President. Until they stop writing the nonsense that this example gives though, they will remain an easy target.

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