The Future of Shared Office Space

October 27, 2016

The Future of Shared Office Space

What is the future of shared office space?

We are commenting today on this new article by the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, the NAIOP.

As we all know technology has revolutionized how and where professionals get work done.

Everything can be mobile if we wish. Now, cost effectiveness, flexibility, state-of-the-art technology, and collaborative environments are chief among the features considered when selecting a work-space.

Apex Office Centers is in the The Serviced Office / Executive Office space and provides work-space solutions driven by these features.

The Serviced Office Suite is characterized by service-rich office
environments and ever-expanding innovations in workspace technology.

Some of our clients have been with us for 15 years….
How is that for Service Rich!

The executive office industry serves businesses large and small from, International corporations looking to reduce facilities costs to single-person startups aiming to be as lean as possible; and they can both find turn-key solutions for housing their businesses within the serviced office industry.

Apex Office Centers in Roseville, appeals to small and medium sized companies in our geographical region, but not only as many larger out of state companies use us as their service office for California.

The serviced office industry contains over 4,000 direct-to-consumer serviced office and co-working spaces in the United States alone and over 13,000 worldwide. There are lots of other names too, for instance “executive office industry”, “virtual office industry,” “work-space-as-a- service industry,” “office business center industry” and “executive suite industry” being the more traditional name. You can call us whatever you like but what we do is make your life easier.

We take your biggest overhead and we make it go away. Its that simple.

As a business leader you owe it to yourself to at least make sure you have checked out this great possibility.

Look into the Apex way…Services Offices…Executive suites…Virtual offices…whatever you wish to call it as they are all the same thing and the result is that we save you money!

Contact us for any questions you may have, we are here to help you!


~ The Apex Office Centers Team ~