December 29, 2017

Ghost Ranch-New Mexico

Ghost Ranch-New Mexico

Ghost ranch is a retreat center with a wonderful history near Abiquiu New Mexico set amongst stunning high desert landscapes.

Locals call is Ranchos de los Brujos, or ranch of the witches. There are stories of 6 foot tall earth babies covered with red hair howling in the night and of canyons full of ghosts.

Ghost Ranch-New MexicoHaving its roots with he arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in 1598 it went through a number of transformations becoming a society retreat for wealthy and influential guests who were drawn to the remote and exotic resort. It also charged hands once as the bet on a poker game.

The ranch adapted and became a secret retreat for the scientists, including Oppenheimer himself, who worked on the Manhattan project in Los Alamos and then as a home for the renowned artist Georgia O’Keefe. The skies, red hills and yellow sandstone cliffs inspired many of her paintings. The valley the ranch is set in is called the Valley of the Shining Stones, where brilliant rocks burn with fire at sundown.

The nearby 10,000 ft mountain Pedernal which dominates one part of the landscape with its long truncated messa top, which O’Keefe said, maybe only half jokingly, god had promised to her if she remained faithful to her task of painting it often enough.

It is now over 21,000 acres (bigger then Manhattan) which holds the sites of many sacred native peoples and one of the top ten dinosaur fossil beds in the world.

They now run a year round program that includes 200 workshops on spirituality, archaeology, paleontology, arts, music, health and wholeness.Ghost Ranch-New Mexico

A great place to get away to as Apex Office Centers did this Christmas.

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~ by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers