Global Mail by Apex Office Centers

March 8, 2018

Global Mail by Apex Office Centers

Who wants a Postal Address in the USA?

Who wants to receive mail in California?

Are you outside the US and need someone to receive, check and/or forward your mail?

If you are an individual or a company and need a Suite Address in the States, then look no further than Apex Office Centers in California.

We have been operating since 1997 and many of our clients have been with us for over 10-15 years, so we have some experience in this field.

We offer a Suite address rather than a PO Box which looks better from an image point of view and adds a certain cachet.

We take in your mail and can forward it to anywhere in the world if you do not want to pick it up.

There is a receptionist at Apex Office Centers, Monday-Friday 8am till 5 pm to offer help and services to our clients, whether you need us to check through items for you or to do special forwards.

We can do whatever tasks you need us to do. You’re the client!

We also offer a Virtual Office, so that you can take the idea of having an actual office in the USA a huge step closer without all the overheads of rent, staff and the stress of leases.

At Apex Office Centers we can rent you an Executive Suite on a monthly basis, or hourly should you prefer. In one swoop, your lease liability has disappeared!

You can work virtually…..from your home office…. and let us answer the phone for you using your business name and patching the call through to you. If you are in meeting we can take messages or even book clients in to appointments to see you. Its like having staff that you don’t have to pay.
You also don’t have to deal with staff hiring problems anymore. The worry and stress can just drop off.

Virtual Offices are the future and Apex Office Centers adapt their offerings to match what our clients need and can design virtual office plans that suit your pocket and your expectations.

Call us at 916-677-4200 or visit us in Roseville, California.


 by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers