February 22, 2019

Go Skiing with Apex in mind

Go Skiing and Leave your Business to Apex Office Centers

Use a virtual office to relax

With the recent snowfall in the USA the skiing possibilities are amazing. Several resorts in California have announced that they have record snow falls and Mammoth has announced that it will be extending its season to at least Independence Day. Many resorts are having to dig out the area beneath the chairlifts in order for them to work.

Europeans are realizing the benefits of the resorts in the USA and are increasingly coming over here, check out what the Telegraph newspaper is saying:

“The skiing and snowboarding experience in the States is very different from the norm in Europe. The resort areas are more managed, with a boundary, marked by signs or ropes. Going outside that boundary – into what’s called the backcountry – may be forbidden, or only allowed via designated access gates. On the flip side, going off piste within the boundary carries no avalanche risk, so it’s safe to play in the powder here without paying for a guide or using avalanche safety equipment.”

So what happens if you are a small business owner and you want to skip off for a few days? Who will answer your phone? Let Apex Office Centers do that. We have trained receptionists to take your calls and will follow your instructions to make sure that valued clients are looked after and that calls from potential new clients are followed up on.

At Apex we offer you the possibility of extra staff without paying the salaries. We offer larger office space without paying the rent or signing the 3 year lease. We are an executive office space, also called a Virtual Office and it holds a lot of benefits especially for small business owners.

We don’t just answer your phone, we can take in your mail to our Suite address and forward it to anywhere in the world. You can rent office space from us, for a month or  an hour. That means you can meet an important client in our offices and pretend that they are yours.

We also offer administration services and can give you an extra pair of hands whenever you are doing that big project and need more staff, quickly but temporarily.

Give Apex Office Centers a call and find out what we can do for you. Call 916-677-4200 and ask for John or Sherri.


 by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers