Holidays are good for you-who knew?

Holidays are good for you-who knew?

Holidays from Apex Office Centers

….us it seems
Around a third of Americans and Brits don’t take all their annual leave, their holidays, even though it seems like common sense that vacations are beneficial as this article shows. During vacations your sleep improves by 17%!

Which part of that is not to like?

This subject is close to home as I am presently vacationing at the Srilanta Resort on Koh Lanta.

Its off season, so there is a reduction and we got 3 nights in your own villa for US$96.82 at one of the booking websites, which was cheaper than going direct. Check the website though to see how nice this place is. What a bargain………

So the up side is obvious but what is the down side to vacationing during low season?

Typically taken as May – October, you have the possibility of it raining every day, but even if it does it would a burst that’s over within the hour. That hassle may be worth the price reductions! Koh Lanta is just off the mainland and does not have an airport so you have to fly into Krabi or Phuket and either drive of take a ferry. So its quieter than other islands as you have to make an effort to get there. Its not a party island, but not everyone is that kind of animal.

Great beaches if a bit rocky in parts.
I hired a small motorcycle to get us around which is more than adequate for exploring the entire island, the restaurants and caves and coves.

We all need our batteries recharged. When your done and need to get back to business contact us at Apex Office Centers where we have everything a small business needs to get going.


~ by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers



Vacations in Thailand-John & Michelle

Holidays in Thailand. Michelle & John.