Home and Office

Home and Office

Your home is almost your office anyway!

Just think of all the expenses you double up on by having an office….you have good internet at home, your telephone is always with you, you probably have a printer and scanner in the house, all your documents are in the Cloud and you pay rent for both places. Chances are you do not need to spend much to make your home your office, but think of what you would save!

You just need to make sure you have an Executive Office suite close by. Do you live in Sacramento or Roseville, then you’re in luck.

Apex Office Centers is right by you. We do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to office needs, you can call us your friendly local Virtual Office. now that may be a term that your only now beginning to understand, but we have been providing clients with Virtual Office Solutions for over 17 years. Apex office centers , here in the heart of Roseville was at the cutting edge of the Executive suite revolution.

We answer your phone and patch calls though to you. If you are in a meeting we make sure you don’t miss potential new business. If you already work from home and are with a client, how much business do you miss out on by just not taking a call? An anecdotal survey here in California showed that you can lose up to 25% of potential new business by missing calls and the caller just moving on to the next number of their Google list.

In partnership with Apex Office Centers the savings we make for you more than offset your virtual office fee. Without your office expenses you can turn your finances around. Just rent an office from us when you need to, by the hour or the week. Consider the downtime of your office space and what it’s costing you, it’s probably your biggest overhead. What would life be like without it?

Worth considering. Contact us by phone or mail or visit us in Roseville, to get more details.


~ The Apex Office Centers Team ~