April 3, 2019

How Full Are Californian Reservoirs?


How can Apex help you fill yours?

 Wonderful new information from Engaging Data shows the present state of the reservoirs in California.

It shows that the reservoirs are above their historical average but are still not at their full capacity. The March precipitation though has brought the storage levels to rise quickly.

Follow the instructions from Engaging Data about how you can watch the animated version.

“In my previous post, about California water levels, I presented a “bar graph” showing the amount of water currently in California’s reservoirs.  However, I thought it’d be interesting to see how this has changed over the course of the last few months, since the state has gotten alot of rain and snow recently.  I decided to try and “animate” the graph for the current water year (going back to October 1, 2015) showing how the recent El Nino rain has been filling up the reservoirs in California.  Click the “animate” button below the figure and you can use the slider to change the speed of animation as it cycles through the days.”  

So to personalize this, how empty are your reservoirs and what can you do about it.

Learn to delegate more perhaps. Apex Office Centers can take some of the pressure off by answering your phones for you. We have a team of trained professionals that do just that. You decide when it happens….. just when you are with other clients, or on the other line? That way you never miss a potential new caller.

We can even book new clients into meetings with you at our offices in the Sacramento area. Using our services are much cheaper that hiring more staff. Our plans start from $79 per month.

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by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers