March 16, 2018

Learning to Ski

Learning to Ski

Do you know how to Ski?

How I got to middle age with out learning to ski is one my lives great mysteries. It still would never have happened had not Noel and Claire and their children Finn and Cara come to Mammoth in California and invited me to go skiing with them.

I drove down from Nevada City and got in the queue with them to get all the  bibs and bobs that go with this sport. What a lot of paraphernalia. All to become an ungainly bright colored zombie.

The frustration of a new sport first comes with the inability to perform the basic moves. Moving forward propelled by yourself was one. Finn and Cara seemed to sway from one ski to the other, lifting the opposite and gliding on. I moved skis back and forth and went backwards.

I had  a lesson for a few hours and then attempted a Green run. Half the fun  seemed to be the terror that was gripping all the beginners. As long as there was someone worse to stare at, as they head butted a tree, made your process seem bearable. Our slow motion car crash mistakes seemed so easy to correct, when the observer, but as inevitable as the seasons when not. You knew who you were going to crash into just by looking atthem!

Rather than avoid the impact of neatly concertinaing into their behind, it seemed wiser, as a protection gambit, to start giggling instead. Unfortunately my faux pas started the process of learning the etiquette of my new sport. Being the object of derision is a great teacher.

The speeded up learning process was like being a child again in an environment of new rules and changed moving dynamics with gravity suspended, until it wasn’t. Fear changing into euphoria and then fear again, pumped full of natural chemicals. What a blast.

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 by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers