Life Expectancy Drops in USA for third year

March 29, 2019

Life Expectancy Drops in USA for third year


Stresses of Life

“As Lenny Bernstein notes for The Washington Post, the three-year drop represents the longest sustained decline in expected lifespan since the tumultuous period of 1915 to 1918. Then, the decrease could be at least partially attributed to World War I and the devastating 1918 influenza pandemic. Now, the drivers are drug overdoses, which claimed 70,237 lives in 2017, and suicides, which numbered more than 47,000 over the same period. Both of these figures rose between 2016 and 2017.”

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The total number of deaths across the USA at 2.8 million was 70,000 more than in 2016. The main contributors were cancer, heart disease, unintentional injuries, respiratory disease, stroke, Alzheimers, diabetes, influenza and pneumonia, kidney disease and suicide.

Suicides have increased and the largest disparity is between urban and rural living Americans. With city folk its 11.11 per 100k, but in the country its 20 per 100k. Part of this reason is that 60 per cent of rural homes have a gun, versus less than half of city homes. Suicides occur amongst individuals less connected to each other within their community.

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