April 17, 2020

Lockdown and Cavatelli

Apex Office Centers and other small things can make a difference

One of the side effects of this virus situation is that many people are discovering new things. My major one has been Cavatelli.

From Wikipedia:

Many varieties and local names of Cavatelli exist, including orecchie di prete (priest’s ears).[5] In Apulia a number of varieties of Cavatelli have specific names including pizzicarieddi.[5] A particular variety of Cavatelli is typical of the area of Teggiano in Campania, where they are referred to as Parmatieddi (or Palmatielli). Parmatieddi are larger than Cavatelli and flat-shaped. They are obtained by rolling a stick dough with three fingers of one hand, instead of with a single finger as done for the common Cavatelli. Parmatieddi are usually served as first course on Palm Sunday and their shape similar to that of a tree leaf, would like to recall that of palm branches the crowd scattered in front of Jesus when he entered into Jerusalem.’

The Cavatelli I have been getting has ricotta cheese added to the pasta dough and then cooked with littleneck clams, italian sausage, crushed tomatoes, calabrian chile, garlic and basil. I am presently in New Mexico and the nearest restaurant, Arroyo Vino, makes this dish every week.

Tonight is the night I get it. Its the best night of the week!

Little things make the difference when our worlds become smaller. Take Apex Office Centers, which stays open throughout the contagion, supplying our clients with their mail, answering their telephone calls and being the beating heart of their small business operations.

We are a designated essential business. Our staff turn up at our offices in Roseville and keep the business engines of our clients turning. We are passing on mail to our clients wherever they are in the world and we always highlight and email them when a check has arrived. A check arriving is like the day you get your Cavatelli. Best day of the week.

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by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers