Man in India chops off his own finger

April 19, 2019

Man in India chops off his own finger

 After voting for the wrong party

Which in one way shows a lot of determination, but in another way, it’s also quite silly. To be equally silly, the photo above is just a mock up.

I only had a pink highlighter. We don’t have a call for red pens at Apex Office Centers.

‘Pawan Kumar became confused by the symbols on the electronic voting machine and voted for Narendra Modi’s party instead of its regional rival in Uttar Pradesh state on Thursday, his brother said.

Distraught, Kumar, 25, went home and chopped off his finger with a meat cleaver.

Even though votes are cast electronically at polling stations, the index finger of every voter is marked with indelible ink after they cast ballots, to make sure they do not vote again.

“He was very happy that he was voting for the first time ever,” Kumar’s brother, Kailash Chandra, told Agence France-Presse by phone. “But once he realised his mistake, he was so distraught that he chopped off his inked finger.”’  The Guardian 4/19/19

They use symbols on Indian voting systems to represent the political parties and Mr Kumar meant to vote for the elephant, but voted for the flower instead. The lotus represents Modi’s Bharatija Janata party, and the elephant is the symbol for the Bahujan Samaj party which is part of the alliance that is fighting the Modi’s party in the northern state.

The election is the largest in the world with 1.3 billion potential voters and the first 20 states will be casting their ballots in the first part of a marathon 6 week poll.

At Apex Office Centers we have been known to make a mistake and we go that extra mile to make things good for our clients, but we draw a line at fingers.

We are professional telephonists so we need our index fingers and all the rest really in order to continue answering our clients phones and generating more business for them.

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Referring back to the finger cutting…..  ‘We will do anything for our clients, but we won’t do that.’

(We’d prefer not to buy red pens either.)


by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers