Moss and what it means

May 2, 2019

Moss and what it means

Moss in urban environments

Moss  in urban environments

You may have noticed that Nevada City resides in an environment with a lot of moss. As it is a bioindicator and it seems to be thriving around here, then it would seem to indicate that our air quality is high. Moss and their partners, lichen, are especially suitable for studying air pollution because they have an undeveloped root systems and have to get their nutrients out of the air through dry and wet deposits.

The following article from got on to show us that moss is also being seen as an aid to pollution, in some cases even more so than trees.

Why moss? According to Zhengliang Wu, co-founder of Green City Solutions, moss is simply better suited to the job.

“Moss cultures have a much larger leaf surface area than any other plant. That means we can capture more pollutants.”

So in urban environments, where just planting more trees is not a viable solution to curbing pollutants, then these moss walls are a real viable alternative.

Here at Apex Office Centers we have a ‘Biro Indicator’, where we measure how many of our public pens have been stolen in order to see how the foot traffic is fluctuating. We could just consider how busy we are, but that would take away all the science from this endeavor, and it also would not allow us to offer a connection with the Moss article.

The Biro Indicator tells us that Apex Office Centers is busy. We offer a telephone answering service to small businesses and our clients are flourishing, especially with clients who like to pocket our pens.

We don’t mind, like moss, we can breath in and transform it.

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by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers