June 6, 2019

Munro Bagging & Apex Centers

Munro Bagging and Apex Centers

A Munro is a Scottish mountain that’s over 3000 feet high (914m). They are named after Hugh Munro who tabled and surveyed them all in 1891. He also climbed them all in the process, except The Inaccessible Pinnacle which is a pillar of rock on the top of Sgurr Dearg on the Isle of Skye. Rock climbing skills are needed for this one, but with 3000 foot drops on 3 sides, it makes it a very daunting climb indeed.

Climbing all these peaks are a great way for natives and visitors to explore Scotland. The highest is Ben Nevis at 4,416, but there are better and more challenging climbs to do like the Cuillins on Skye or the Aonach Eagach, in Glen Coe which has the narrowest ridge walk in the UK.

Trying to climb all these mountains, of which there are 282, is known as Munro bagging and over 6500 people, called ‘compleatists, or Munroists have done them all. The quickest record is held by Stephen Pyke in 2010 who did them all in 39 days.


I am presently in Scotland trying to climb 30 peaks in 30 days, but it is proving more difficult than I thought. Small injuries take their toll, I need a break every few days and just organizing each expedition and getting the right map and sandwiches takes up time. 


At Apex Office Centers we look after over 60 clients and it also takes time and diligence to keep their phones answered, their mail forwarded and offices manned.

 We provide a Virtual Office experience for small businesses and people who work from home, but want to pretend to their clients that they don’t.

Our professional receptionists answer their calls, take the pertinent information and relay the call on. This way our clients sound more professional and never miss a call when they are on the phone or are with one of their clients.

 Try us out. Call John or Sherri at 916-677-4200. Apex Office Centers.


by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers