Office Rental by the Hour

April 22, 2017

Office Rental by the Hour

Do you really need an office?

What do you pay for your office rental every month?

Would you like to save that same amount?

Talk to us at Apex Office Centers to see how you can do this very thing. We rent Executive Office Space by the hour, day or whatever suits you.

If you work from home and need to meet a client in a professional environment then Apex Office Centers in Roseville, California, can help with that too.

While your thinking about that, do you know that we can also answer your phone for you? That’s right, at Apex we have professional receptionists that can take your calls when your in a meeting, take messages for you and pass the information to you once your available again. That means you wont be missing those important calls from clients again.

If your starting to take all this in, then you may start to see the possibilities that Apex Office Centers offers. You can work from home and safe on office costs and Apex can be your administration and back office staff and you can save on salaries. It means you outsource your high cost areas to us and you save hefty bills.

That’s not all we do. At Apex Office Centers we offer a professional suite address. Your mail can come to us and we can pass it on to you wherever you are in the world. A suite address carries so much more cache than a PO Box and appearances are everything these days.

Apex has been helping small local businesses here in the Sacramento region for over 15 years and we have clients that have been with us the whole time and have never left.
We offer reliable trustworthy service. We have to, we are the back office for many of our clients. if you are open, we are too.

 If you are looking for an office rental, contact Us and get all your questions answered!!


~ The Apex Office Centers Team ~