Opening a business?

January 3, 2020

Opening a business?

Opening a small business

Opening a Small Businesses first Office is Hard

Don’t take my word for it, but the U.S. Small Business Association tells us that one of the costliest expenses for small business owners is opening their own office. You have to get office supplies, office furniture, staff, computers for the staff, lease printers, water coolers, it all adds up.  Once you have staff, maintaining the sweet spot of keeping them happy and productive and  still making enough to get by is a tough space to maintain.

When you are self employed though, you are constantly looking at what you could do better. Is this the only way to go? You ask other self employed people for advice. Try using a Virtual Office. Come and check out  Apex Office Centers just outside Sacramento to see what we have to offer. We can save you tens of thousands of $.

We provide all the services a small company needs, an office, a telephone receptionist, to take your calls, mail collection, internet and everything they need to keep their business going with out the added hassle of doing everything yourself. We also provide our staff to do work for you on an hourly basis. We can do your admin, your accounts, be your receptionist, sort your mail, schedule your appointments or whatever you need us to do.

Trying out an Executive Suite or a Virtual offices like Apex Office Centers is the new way thats  beginning to catch the imagination…..its a relief to know there is another way. Virtual offices are on the rise meeting the needs of small business owners at a much lower cost and on the spot.

The majority of our clients are local companies in the Roseville and Sacramento area of  California but we also service clients from all over the world.

The same U.S. Small Business Association, tells us that to open an office becomes a more complicated process  once you start to hire office staff,  get the right insurance, set up payroll structures, get company handbooks and then the huge monthly rent is the nail in the coffin… all starts to pile on. The average costs of starting and running a private office in Northern California can be from $20,000 to $50,000 a year! Small self employed people have to take out loans when making the leap to setting up an office. The process can take several months to complete and the maintenance of an office becomes an ongoing stress.

Don’t do it. Safe the stress and use Apex Office Centers.

Our monthly plans start at $79 per month.

Call 916-677-4200 and ask for Sherri or John.


by John Tomnay. CEO at Apex Office Centers